Reading to children

The children sometimes read independently, depends on their age of course but even young children love to pick a book and “read” it.

World Autism Awareness Day

On today’s World Autism Awareness Day we’d like to focus and give special attention to all those parents who are going through tough times due to different children’s disorders.

Waldorf workshop experience

Last weekend myself and two of my lovely babysitters, Tania and Maria flew to Madrid (Spain) to join a workshop during the weekend to learn about Waldorf Pedagogy at The Waldorf School Aravaca, in Zenit street, Aravaca, Madrid

Yoga for children

In mini-me yoga workshop I learned how to introduce a yoga routine for kids whether in my home, in a classroom or in a play day. Always with a positive thinking.

Why art is important in children?

The arts give us the opportunity to learn to study details and handle corrections. Depending on the child’s age.

Sensorial activities for children

The sensorial activities allows the children to form new concepts through experience and exercise. Sensorial training should be carefully monitored so the children learn things one step at a time and at their own pace, gradually moving on to more complicated tasks.