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Elisa Home-School is an alternative education based on care, love, guidance and encouragement. I teach children individually or through group activities on a cosy environment. A center designed from new born babies up to 3-4 years old.

I work together with parents to maintain a friendly, fun and educational environment where children feel at home. Elisa Home-School (Childminding Services) was founded in 2015 after 10 years working in creches and families.

You can choose the following:

   ✓ Full time: Monday to Friday **

   ✓ Part Time: 20 Hours per week **

 **Subject to availability *Discount for siblings,

Safety & Insurance

   Insurances with Kidd Insurances

   Registered childminder (by Tulsa)

   Member of Childminding Ireland




Fun & Educational
Newborns Speciality
Special needs qualified
English & Spanish Languages

Education method and Pedagogy.

I take a holistic approach to education mixing established and proven methods such a Waldorf and Montessori educations along with my own personal touch, shaped with years working in Early Year Education.

I seek to develop not only the children’s mind but also their character, compassion, and creativity.

I focus on hands-on experience, freedom and choices for all my children, and I integrate story telling, fun activities, and handwork into their educational curriculum.

I observe what the child is developmentally ready to learn and then provide gentle guidance and direction – enough to give them start. The rest develops of itself.

Elisa Home school

Activities we do

I designed a monthly curriculum activity plan that covers all areas of the official “Early Childhood Curriculum Framework (Aisteair and Siolta)” for a complete educational curriculum. We cover the following:


   Identity and Belonging


          ✓ Exploring and Thinking

          ✓ Nature Environment

Montessori material will used to encourage all children in practical life, sensorial, language ,maths and cultural activities.

Food & Snacks we eat

I believe that a healthy mind need a healthy body. Nutrition is important. I provide with homemade, fresh meals made every day by myself. Everything we consume is based in a healthy & balance diet and I take in consideration personal intolerances, allergies, and their age: Lots of veggies, fruits and yummy shakes with coconut milk!. But from time to time they too deserve some chocolates and sweeties. 🙂

During the day I provide:


   Morning snack


          ✓ Bottle / Milk

          ✓ Evening snack

About Me

I am a experienced and professional childcare worker who aims to constantly improve long term child caring. This is the reason I opened my own small and familiar “miniature Creche at home”. I look after children, establishing a proper routine in a fun and friendly environment. I constantly attend meetings and workshops organised by different childcare associations to upgrade myself  in early years education and to keep improving my skills and services.

I am qualified and experienced:

   Waldorf & Montessori education.  Maternity care   Special needs education.   First aid.   Child Psychology.  Garda vetted.   Schools/Creches experience.  Fully insured.

What parents say


It would be lovely to hear from you and take care of your little one.