Newborn Care Service

The first few months of a baby are such a beautiful experience, but it can also be hard and demanding. At Elisa Babysitting we specialise in helping families on the first stages of their babies lives.

We are specially trained to work with infants (Maternity Care Specialists), from birth until 12 weeks. We have being helping families at home with new borns for many years now and we would love to help you too, before and after childbirth.

We can be that extra helping hand that you may need in those early days.

Do you have a caregiver that will start upon your return to work, and need an extra hand before then? At Elisa Babysitting we can assist you during shorter periods of time.

How can we help you?

We can provide new parents with a smooth introduction to their baby and parenting in general.

We can also help to establish a form of routines when it comes to the baby’s feeding and sleeping patterns which many new mothers have problems with.

Our babysitters can take care of all aspects of newborn care and we can also help with setting up the home for the arrival of a newborn; from feeding time, bathing, nappy changing, settling and taking care of the baby’s laundry, nursery and equipment.

This will allow you to to relax and enjoy quality time with your baby.

We specialise in newborn care. See our qualifications:
       ✓ Maternity Care Support

 Paediatric First Aid

 Montessori education

 Special needs education.

 Child Psychology.

 Garda vetted.

 Creche experience.

What parents say

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