Ireland Refugees Council Childcare Services

It was wonderful to work with Ireland Refugees Council Organization in Dublin, based in Dame Street.

Koh Tao ( Thailand ) childcare experience

Last March I had the opportunity to travel to Koh Tao in Thailand on holiday, while there I ended up teaching English to my neighbor’s children. I really enjoyed meeting the children and to help them in my own way.

Wedding babysitting/Childcare on Tankardstown House, Meath

On the 14th August we set up a playroom in Tankardstown House to look after a group of 7 kids ranging from 3 months to 7 years old at a wedding event. 

Arfield Farm babysitting trip

It was lovely sunny day in Dublin and I was looking after David, a 18 months old boy. One of my babysitter, Rita, was minding two other kids, Eoin and Maebdh, 2 and 3 years old respectively.

Powerscourt Hotel Childcare Services.

In July 2015, my team did an amazing job working at the Powercourt Hotel in Enniskerry, over the course of 3 days working with a group of over 40 children.

Tinakilly Country House, Sleep over babysitting

I was minding baby Barra while his parents got married last June. He was 4 months old baby and he was so good all day and all night. I collected Barra from his auntie’s house around 11am and we went to the Tinakilly Country House, in Wicklow, after the wedding ceremony around 4pm. His parents set up a lovely room for us where I fed him, read some books, played a bit and put him to sleep around 7pm. His cousin Emily, 3 years old, joined us around 5pm and she was wonderful too, looking after young babies can be tricky but it was a very easy going day as both kids were very well behaved. The hotel itself was amazing and has spectacular views of the countryside. Both Barra and Emily slept until 8am when their parents collected them to go for breakfast, at around 11am the family bought me back to Dublin. I really enjoy providing childcare during weddings as I get great satisfaction helping make a couple’s special day that bit easier.